“DO IT and IT WILL BECOME.”  ~James Jowers

Oh my god I’ve done the Superman pose for years!   I tell you Mark you better keep on showing me that I’ve always been successful my entire life exactly as I am!  NOW…I CAN connect the dots and CONQUER MY FUTURE !

My wife just a month or so ago asked me why do you stand like that?

At the time I really didn’t have a direct answer, I just felt good doing it.  I always have.  Maybe seeing Superman the Movie in 1978 had something to do with it.  I have just always done it.  It feels good.  Now I can direct it’s timing as yet another wonderful SMPLE tool for creating my reality moment by moment.

Today I saw the video giving SCIENTIFIC evidence from Princeton University, that Mark J had found, to give more power to his knowledge that the movement of the body actually trains the MIND !

So Amy Cuddy says “Fake it ‘till you BECOME it”

The reality is that we… BE in our Minds, So that We DO in the World and therefore HAVE what we Desire to Manifest.

Some great movie…which you all know….said to “build it….”

I am saying…

“DO IT and IT WILL BECOME.”  ~James Jowers

Can you keep it that SIMPLE?

Each of us is the powerful Super Man and Wonder Woman that we are ALREADY supposed to BE.

So DO IT !!!!  DO IT NOW !!!!    Unleash your perfect Self.

You ARE Supposed to be here.


Peace Be The Journey