Press Release

Financial Family Freedom Crusader Interviewed by Steve Harvey at the Old Bavaria Inn, Helen, Georgia

Samuel Lloyd – The Atlanta Journal Constitution | Posted: November 6th, 2023

I am meeting today with Steve Harvey who will be interviewing a growing iconic figure of the southeast and beginning to reach across the globe for that matter, James Jowers along with his wife Becca.  It turns out that Steve is James’ favorite talk show host and James has wanted to have his first national interview with him.  James’ accomplishments have caused Steve to agree to an off-site interview.

James is known for being a crusader of families for financial freedom and success.  In the last six years he has grown a multi-million dollar company that takes Wall Street to Main Street.  It is his crusade to teach everyone he can reach about “How Money Works” through free community building workshops and even taking that to educational institutions of all levels.

helenSteve will be meeting them in one of their favorite locations in Helen, Georgia, the Old Bavaria Inn, which is a good spot between Atlanta and their 10,000 acre family estate in North Georgia.

James and Becca have said that both sides of the family really enjoy authentic German food and it sounds like the whole family will be on the trek for the Helen visit.

downtown-helen-gaIt is just entering off season for the area and Main Street is rather quiet.  A beautiful architecturally authentic recreation of an Austrian small town which is all about celebrating everything Oktoberfest and the like.  The buildings are made of the wood and whitewash with flags flying from the balconies.  It feels as though we have arrived at a riverside village in some valley of the Deutschland.

It is a tiny little place, obviously meant to be an authentically designed village inn.  The aromas are so mouthwatering wafting around the streets and alleys.  In the off season the river can be heard rushing along, winding around and right through the downtown proper.  03c29ad1edbd14efbc9eec1b060b7204

In the restaurant the rooms and tables are populated with many people whom are obviously all members of the family.  James and Becca have their children running about and the elders and kin are already carousing jovial stories together when I arrive.  It seems they have the whole place to themselves for this meeting.

As I was walking towards the location I can hear Mr. Harvey is already engaged in lively conversation and the guffawing laughter from everyone is echoing through the sidewalk alleyways.

Steve, “I aint never had no spaetzle Becca!  Now what exactly is that squirrely stuff made of!?”

Becca, “Steve it’s just an egg noodle and butter dumpling, I bet you are going to love it, go ahead!”

I go on inside and we all make introductions just as quickly as though we have all known each other for years.  The atmosphere is filled with such a warmth of love it’s like snuggling up with your favorite blanket by the crackling fireplace.  We enjoyed a sumptuous meal of plates loaded with the tastiest food I think I have ever eaten and as an aside I recommend that you get up there sometime to have that experience for yourself.  After eating together the camera crew was ready and so was everyone else with all the energy of excitement building up.

Steve, “Now let’s get on down to this business James of you being a financial superhero.”

James, “Well I don’t know about all that Steve I just wanted to help others get to a place in their life and experiences with their family where they had a sense of owning their own future.”

giphy-copySteve, “That’s a really powerful statement.
Owning your own future.  Are we talking about a time machine James?  I mean really, how is someone going to know what is going to happen in the future!?”

James, “You know the classes and workshops that we do in the community and schools is titled ‘How Money Works’ and it does teach some basic principles that affect how money can work for you instead of against you.

That concept is not readily taught in primary schools or beyond without specialized training.    On a foundation level this is usually what keeps people in debt for their entire lives.   I would like to at the very least empower everyone with a knowledge that gives them a chance to not have to live that way.”

Steve, “Yeah man!  Now that’s what I am talking about! Getting out of the rat race!  You know, James, that you are doing a great service to people with just that little bit of education right there.

If I had of known things like that I may not have gone through the hardships that I endured early in life.  You know I preach that same kind of message to young folks, about getting charge of their lives right out the gate!”

James, “Exactly Steve!  I go on with deeper Freedom practices in the institutional courses that I provide to colleges, corporations  and private outlets that have to do with ‘How the Mind Works’.

We delve into some really instrumental and powerful methodology and practices to keep the mindset of success and perseverance throughout our lifetimes.  They allow a person to take charge of their future in an exactly defining way, yet they are simple to perform and behave.”

Steve, “Behave, what do you mean by that?”

James, “Steve we find that these things are also not presented to people in their formative years and really not at all in the mainstream world.  I actually did not create this information, it was a wonderful gift that was given to me some time ago.  My promise is to give it to others.

You see a person really has to dig into materials that are actually right in front of them, they just never know it.  And it has all to do with how we train our own mind to behave with ourselves in order to keep us on the path of the joy and success that we truly want in life.”

“WOW!”  200_s-copy

“My Family Freedom Foundation operates an international charity that through generous donations from the private and business sectors provides these educational resources for communities in seven countries today and we are expanding every year.  My dad who heads up the Dream Again Department is also in charge of Agriculture along with my uncle-in-law.  He started with 3000 acres of an old family farm west of Americus Georgia.  Today we are now building healthy farmland nationwide enriching community growing businesses”

“WHOA!   I am impressed!  That is how you do that James!”

Steve jumps up from his chair to high five with James.  “You go!  You keep on going like that.  People need that kind of direction in life.  Let me know how I can help with that James, we gonna take this on the road!  Yeah!”

The revelry continues a bit while Steve and other members of the family talk about the various experiences they have had together since the beginning of this crusade that James began in 2015.  It takes a few minutes for the excitement to settle down again.

James and his family have really come a long way since its inception and the effort is championed by so many influential people, it is a skyrocket rise to stardom, although James will only humbly accept the accolades of his accomplishments.  James attributes the success to the way he was taught to do it and none of his own design.

Steve, “How did you do it?”

James, “I was told that I had to give in order to get.  That the more I gave the more I would get, Steve.  I started that way and I have no need to look back.  It has been an amazing journey Steve and it is really only just getting started.

We have so many families to help that I focus today on gathering more and more people to carry the message.  Everyone who is touched by this crusade takes up the victory torch and marches onward!

You will be overjoyed to see the light return to a child’s eyes whose family becomes unburdened by the chains of despair and worry when they just can’t provide for themselves with any kind of freedom.

We are truly making a difference in people’s lives and even the lives of their future family members in most cases.”

ct-ct-steve-harvey-review06-jpg-20130423-1Steve, “I can’t stand it, I am done!  This is greatest thing I have heard about in years!  Will you please come on my show about this?  We can do a follow up, I want to do a whole show on it.”

James, “Steve I wanted my first national interview to be with you.  So why don’t we go for an exclusive Steve and plan a whole episode at Scarlet Hills, our family estate, and you invite a few friends too.”

Steve, “Done.  We gone do that James. You like Bar-B-Q?”

James, “I definitely do Steve.”

“Good, I am gonna bring my recipe and we’re gonna have a real house party over there!”


James and Steve started walking off continuing to talk completely forgetting that the cameras were still rolling.   I sat and spoke with his wife and both their parents along with several other family members for a while and truly knew that I may had just found the Master Key to my future.