It seems that fear is the root of all reasoning for procrastination, avoidance, not doing something, waiting before acting even doing something!  Fear seems to be the reason for all manner of action or non-action that is completely beyond normal common reasoning.

What if this were to happen?  What if this will not happen?

It is no wonder that the title of my second book is “Well…What If?, Well…So What!”

We have been studying obituaries for several weeks now.  We are doing this to notice how wonderfully the people were thought of during their life and the great things that they accomplished.

Og Mandino teaches to live as though this day were our last.

The Buddhists teach that all of life is hampered by the fear of death.  Once a person overcomes the fear of the death then they become liberated.  The realization that each day or each moment could be your last should….should…make you live as though it may be!  In other words live the best way you can every moment.

Be the best person that you are, all the time!  Do not live out a life of possible regrets.

Imagine if we lived that way, then there really may be no negativity to deal with.

I choose to live today as if it is my last day on earth.  Doing the best I possibly can in every moment of breath that I have left.  Loving my wife and family, my neighbor, and the stranger who could use my help.

Then….truly then….we will actually never fear death…knowing each moment was the best experience that we could give ourselves, our family and those around us.