There was a fellow in my life before I knew the real meaning of mentor.  He was near 70 with a long white beard, his name was Red.  He introduced me to the iChing and said it contained everything that a person needed to remain on a path of Wellness.

Things would happen and he would say, “Life is Rich.”

He taught me the real meaning of the word rich.  That all of life was truly rich for the person having the experience.  If you held the right perspective.  If you truly owned it.

These last couple of weeks have been absolutely full of adventure and wonder.

New value, new meaning, new perspective…

It is like being on a bridge between what was and what is to Be.  It is kind of surreal.  It is the highest euphoria I have ever experienced.  Perfectly balanced and even keeled.  Comforting.

Your walking along knowing now what was behind you, seeing the beauty that is ahead of you.  I know that I can never go back across that bridge and enjoy life ever again.  I know that what lies ahead is the most miraculous life that I deserve to have.

A life of gleaming gold!

I choose to burn the bridge on the other side.

The old self is to die.

I am to slay the dragon.

I Am The Victor!