The Call may not appear as a happy, joyous thing to do.  It may come in many forms.   The outcome will most likely not even be evident at the time.  The knowing that this start down the path may appear arduous and difficult, or at least the mind will think so at first, is simply resisting the change, I choose to GO.

This has been my experience in life over the last year and most particularly with the MKE in the last 3 months.  Miraculous changes have occurred with my acceptance of the path, my belief in the possibilities of true change.  I have been fortunate to have several mentors arrive covering various aspects of my life.  Each one had a call to change that seemed unreal at first.  With the decision to take on the call to adventure I have embarked on a path true wonder and excitement allowing great positive things to happen.  These things may not have been had I left the cement on the Golden Buddha.

Today I am walking in total Adventure and Wonder!  I begin to see the old self die.  My new self is embracing the way.  Though I reminisce the old me, I know it was not my path.