I have to WANT THIS LIFE, If not, Then What?

It has been said that we are products of our environment.  It has been said that we are products of our genetics.  Charles Haanel wrote that “much gathers more”.    With years of study it seems to be so that animals and humans alike are most like the others that they are with the majority of the time.  As humans that is often a decided choice. It also real reason that apples do not fall far from the tree.  That caged creatures in groups become of a herd mentality.

It is shown that we are products of what goes into our Minds on repetitious basis whether from outside sources or internally generated.

Many people who are not in the sports profession look to great achievers in that arena as idols and for measures to accomplish against. We speak of this great runner, that great golfer, this awesome quarterback and that super basketball player, on and on, as pinnacles of achievement.

What is it about them that makes them so special?  I don’t speak of our view of their performance but of what makes that performance so great.

When we think of a star quarterback making these incredible moves and targets we must remember that they do something to get there. They do the exact same things over and over, day after day repeating patterns again and again for hours and weeks.

So that when it comes time to execute they respond with automation.

They practice.

They practice regularly and have an entire library of responses that respond with immediate fluid action.  As I studied Korean Tang Soo Do for seven years towards a Second Degree Black Belt I learned that we called it muscle memory.

A programmed response, an action that happens without even consciously deciding on it.


Now what is the magic among some of these great athletes because they are surrounded by peers doing the same thing right along with them?  There is something found within each of them that makes them stand out.


If we are products of what goes into our mind by happenings, circumstance, events, experiences, observations, etc.…….and actions……..then we as intelligent creatures of high capability must take selection and care in our choices of input.

We must have a safeguard for our sub-conscious programs, a way of designing and executing only what LIFE We Want.

A Watchman at the Gate.

This is so simple, but not so easy.

It takes hard mental labor and devotion to the desired outcome and GOAL.

The Master Key Experience has taught me the simple effective way to execute the play of living to create the life which I desire.

It has been the most powerful catalyst bringing together all the various ideologies I had heard, studied, hoped for.

It is a true miracle once the source of the wellspring is found.

I can only suggest that you come along with me on this journey.  There is Nothing Like It.

It WILL Change Your LIFE.

Ask me how…..come find out….. I DARE YOU


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  1. Shane Shipley says:

    I needed to read this today, thanks James.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are welcome Shane, I am grateful that it sounded for you.


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