Note to Self: …just BREATHE

Month 2 on my own and cruising right along.  Being that person that gets things done with a “Happy Knack”!  It’s a practice just like great sports, painting, crafting, karate, woodworking, project management, medicine……..all of it.

Practice is all about continuing to DO IT.  Ever heard the phrase “stay in practice”.

The cool thing about practice is that you get to become really at good something.  Not only that you get to improve upon it.  Find out what works and polish that part up, add a little extra here and there, set aside things that don’t.

I have been able to meet some great mentors these last couple years.  Each of them are super successful not only at life in general but especially at what they practice most.

All of them say the same things.  Free Your Mind.  Stay Positive.  Be what you want to receive.  Give More, Get More.

The Master Key talks about how when the negative emotions are set forth in the brain the chemicals in the body are altered and degeneration begins.


25.16.   We allow such destructive thoughts as fear, anger, worry, hatred and jealousy to take possession and these thoughts influence the various functional activities of the body, the brain, the nerves, the heart, the liver or the kidneys. They in turn refuse to perform their various functions; the constructive processes cease and the destructive processes begin.


Ever heard anyone say that the reason they don’t eat meat from animals is because they don’t want to eat their FEAR?   This thought is in line with what I am talking about here although a totally different discussion.    But that when the animal is being “processed” the fear and anxiety blows off the charts and loads the animals body with these chemicals of adrenaline and a list of others.  Which you then get to eat later at the table.


What do you think is happening in your body when you are in a bad mood?

Don’t fool yourself.

As we have talking about all along is how this body machine is a direct result of our thoughts and beliefs.

So when my mentors say for me “PAUSE”, “FOCUS” and “CHOOSE”.  What could they possibly be talking about?

Being in charge of my Mind.

Being in charge of my Emotions.

How can we do this best in every chaotic moment through a day’s travel?






Charels Haanel in the Master Key speaks of this as well in the next paragraphs.

25.23.   The wise men of India knew that with the breath, they absorbed not only the physical elements of the air, but life itself. They taught that this primary force of all forces, from which all energy is derived, ebbs and flows in rhythmical vibration through the created universe. Every living thing is alive by the virtue of partaking of this cosmic breath.


Next time you even have a spark of question, doubt, second thoughts, leaning towards anxiety or especially frustration or anger….






Feel what happens.


Now my friend you have opened the door to so much more.



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