Continuation – Chapter 25 – Lift Off

I have had such a wonderful month of self-direction.  My personal life has become so much sweeter.  My “job” has become so much easier, even though it was before because of the Master Key Experience.  Most importantly my entrepreneurship has become so much BETTER with the Master Experience.

I am getting things together with a “Happy Knack” and it Flow’s so easily.  I have more energy and better health than ever.

I was so grateful to have been called on during the webinar.  I had posted to the crew that this webinar was truly profound.  Daven called on me and I was still reeling from the enlightenment.  I was truly and so rarely for ME! at a loss for words.  During the webinar Mark went on a preach that was not even in the slides, his passion for these nuggets of gold was on full spray.  It was beautiful!!  I am going to scan my notes and email them over because I just kept writing and writing!

I had the same hang-up on the hundredfold increase in scroll 8.  But to step back and see the truth of the word “value” and it was not about the count or measure of things.

REVELATION!  New meaning, new path.

I had on my mind for about 2 weeks and meant to email Mark where he had said that phrase about the “sunshine in his eyes” had come from.  And there it WAS !  even the story of the first time he ever said it out loud in reference to himself.

When a plane takes off it is so very slowly rolling.  Then the burners come on and the speed increases throwing you back in your seat.  The landscape begins to race by outside the window.  You sense a bit of raising upwards.  Then the wheels gently release from the ground.  The angle turns sharply towards the sky and suddenly there’s a little weightless drop and a greater rush of rising towards the heavens.

It is a little moment when the machine becomes free of the attachment to the ground and the escape from gravity, a moment of weightlessness, right before the glory of flight.

That little stomach drop, exhilaration, knowing that I am no longer bound to the earth.

I am truly flying, on my own.  Free.

That is the Master Key Experience.

Come fly with Me.




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