Week 24 = It has Always, ALL, been the Same

I had a breakthrough this morning.  I had a True Experience.

I was in the FLOW praying for some family who was in surgery right at that moment.  I was late to work, not really late, just later than usual. Driving in….my usual active meditation time.  I was listening to my DMP recording as I often do. Then I decided to put on the band that I took the song from.

The best of album played.  I began noticing that the colors are exact in the cardinal directions of the compass.  I correlated the colors to the elements of this world and their correspondence to the BODY – MIND – HEART – SPIRIT.  I was amazed that I had actually chosen assignments of my Personal Pivotal Needs that fell right into the color coordination’s…not on purpose.  Only one had been assigned with intention.  The rest just went where they felt right, one of them evolved on its own because I didn’t even really have a grasp of it 6 months ago.

I started a new affirmation mantra right then.  I was jamming on the band.  I was affirming out loud.  I kept doing it louder and faster…body/mind/heart/spirit/body/mind/heart/spirit … seeing the compass spin round and round the colors in my minds vision.

At the next moment I realized my song was playing!

I suddenly burst into tears.

From my mouth came this spontaneously….

“Thank you God for taking care of Me…ALL of My Life.  Now I Will Give It Back.”

I started my song over and sang along.  I was grateful to the Highest.  I wept a little more as I drove along close to work now.  I was at peace.  I knew everything IS OK.  That ALL IS Well in the Universe.

The Truth has Set Me Free.

I AM Ready.

I ALL-Ways Have Been.

The JOURNEY is…Just…Begun.



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  1. So mote it be , my friend

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  2. edina c says:

    Great song!!! Congratulations on your magnificent breakthrough, James. 🙂

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    1. THANK YOU Edina! Great to see you again.

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  3. Your life is an inspiration James!

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    1. I am grateful to you Eliza!


  4. Powerful, always!!!! You had a real Revelation and The Eternal touched you and lifted you!!!!!

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    1. Puma thank you. You rock!


  5. Uplifting! Transcending. Congratulations. It has been an honour to read your posts and learn from your journey. I wish you much prosperity for your continued journey. Happy commencement!

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    1. Natalie thank you! Happy Commencement to you as well.

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  6. As below
    Pls keep in touch

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  7. Wow! Indeed! Ha! Billiondolla has SO GOT THIS, James! Fantastic! In playing your Journey video just now, Wow, all those memories of my first concert have come flooding back. I was but a very young 11 years old, and Heart, Fleetwood Mac, and Journey were on tour together. That was just the beginning of my Free Will… Let’s do this!

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    1. Brenda you are so freaking AWESOME!!! I am grateful to you.

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  8. Ford Ford says:

    Thank you. Congratulations!

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  9. Juneta says:

    How inspiring and cool. Congrats on the epiphany. Great post as always.
    JOY TO You! Juneta’s MKE Blog


  10. How wonderful!!! What an amazing experience!!! Thank you for sharing your journey throughout the course. I have been moved, inspired, and encouraged. Blessings and peace as you walk in harmony with the Creator.

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    1. Thank you so much Louise! Keep in touch and Walk in the Light.

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