In the accumulation of my experience through life and lost importantly my recent discovery of foundation truths, I have recognized the stages of doubt in our minds that cause us to reject change and not take action on something that could be the greatest next step for us.

Say an opportunity comes along into our path….

  1. Wow that is incredible! Isn’t that amazing! That is an awesome thing! I want to do that!
  1. That is too good to be true, that can’t be real.
  1. I wish that was possible, I wish I could do that. I could never do that.
  1. Something will come along, I will keep looking.


This seems to be the plight of every person who for some reason never takes the jump towards what may be the thing that the universe has delivered to them as their next step.

They choose to ignore what their heart is calling to them to do.  They choose not to follow their bliss.

We all know what doing the same thing again and again expecting different results really is right?  Insanity.  Addiction to self-subjugated misery.  Addiction to the chemical peptides generated in the brain from the thoughts of self-loathing, guilt, unworthiness, anger, unsatisfied excitement and all the feelings that arise from our very own thoughts and reactions.

This is in reality an addiction cycle.  Unaware…most all of us stumble through life this way.

That can be changed.


Four Stages of Doubt ~ by James Jowers

  1. Excitement
  2. Denial
  3. Sadness
  4. Resolve

I don’t need to give any further description of the stages and their progression with that alliteration, I am sure you recognize in yourself these feelings and actions.

The thing is…they are false.  They are not real.  They are the recordings of the burned in blueprint that our experiences from the rest of the world has told us what our world should be like.

When we encounter change the brains addiction to the status quo peptides kicks in because it is experiencing different peptides and rejects them.

Therefore we refuse change.

We intellectually wither away the possibilities with justifications and judgments, allocations of falsehood to ease our ego’s into the comfort of ignoring possibilities.

Are you denying what I am saying yet?

Ouch.  You feel that sting in the back of your mind?

That is Truth.

That is the call to your Hero’s Journey.

Come with me…