Sometimes we come across people that are so mired in self-loathing from who knows what reason we find that they can only glean their self-worth from the demeaning of others.  They are only happy when they are miserable and drag as many others along as well.

It is often by surprise that we experience a kind of stealthy manipulative gas-lighting.  This is usually from people who are actually sick and it has become a way of life for them.  But it may not be revealed before you’re invested and then they have you.

Other times it is sadly obvious but still causes as much pain.

I was able to turn this experience today into a strengthening experience.  The whole tribe was welcoming and sharing but then one had the opportunity to set upon me alone…and did.  I was not on guard and taken aback.

It was surely manipulative because after a pop-out expression of anger from them they then began a subtle scoffing and condescension.

It was a textbook scenario where a person acts offended by you, blames you, then begins to belittle you and make you out to be less than, weak and silly.

It got into me, I did not see the thief in the night before making off with my mind!

I had a brief moment, but I knew what to do.

I rallied my Self and sought reinforcements.  I Master-Minded, spoke in confidence.  I knew that I must treat this person as sick, as we would a dying man, to wish for them everything that God would have them need.

I am feeling better now.  I am sending that person Love and Light.