Ok Mark a full week before you had us take a look at the Princeton study about power posing and positions of power posture.      I had known that I have done that forever and never thought about the fact that it made me powerful…I just did it….because my Mind knew it made me feel powerful.

I just about fell out on the floor when I hit that sentence in Haanel’s chapter 20.   I must have grown another 5 feet in my chair.

I could feel the power pose in my mind!  I could feel the POWER !!  The SUPER POWER !!!

I went on to think…wait a minute….what??!!   There was no Superman comic in 1917 !!!  He was not invented until 1933 or even portrayed in mainstream until 1938.

What was Haanel tuned in on?  Has that concept been around longer, I am sure?  But to use the word in the book, perfectly describes the level on which our Mind and Spirit can calculate with this practice.

The study of words tells us that the meaning of Inspired is the Be In Spirit.  So read that passage in the image up there….  When we are In Spirit…then like being exact as its like…then we are Super-Human….

Get ready Earth….here I come.