This has been a week of looking for Kindness in actions of others and of myself.  I have lived this sort of thing most of my life.  Doing the things that most never do anymore.  Saying good day and opening doors.  As I was tasked with looking for it in others I found it very absent in the world.  I noticed how many people didn’t even bother to acknowledge you when you spoke to them.

On the same token I noticed more often how those little actions made people liven up and smile at me.  My most enriching moment was when a mother and daughter in a grocery store asked me to help them get something from the top shelf.  I gladly served, smiled and when they thanked me I was sure to say “you’re welcome.”

That simple, and we went our separate ways.  Everyone was smiling during the encounter and they were grateful.  It made me walk away on clouds too. I haven’t had that experience in years.  Most folks will barely look at you these days much less speak to you.

I Am One who has always pushed through that veil.  Going through this Master Key Experience reminds me that there are others out there who are Brave as well.

I Am welcoming so much change in my life.  The days are getting better as they go by.  Not many would know of the hardships my family has been through in the last couple of years by meeting me in the parking lot or even hanging out at a social.  I am private that way, and so is all of my family.

What I am rewarded with in discovering this Master Key Experience is seeing that all of the things I have studied for years and longed for have been right with me all along.

Mark and Davene are bringing a hundred years if not thousands of years of knowledge to the forefront that is so simple, so simple it is elusive to billions of people.

I listen to my friends and family and even my wife go to their workplace today and face such in-humanitarian behaviors it is astonishing.   I have faced these challenges as well.   It is as if the gap of society’s positions is widening.  People are moving towards the being they are without hiding it anymore.

I have an ongoing discussion with a close friend where we and many across the globe have observed humanity migrating towards their true self, but only the truth that they have created.  It is causing revelations in folks that are remarkable from darkness and erratic behavior to ecstatic discovery of joy and following their bliss.  The world is changing at a faster pace my friends.  It was foretold.

I Am One that is here to share the joy of the discovery of bliss and that each of us is nature’s greatest miracle.  Each of us were created with the opportunity to have infinite and invincible power for good.  The Gift is the Willingness to make the journey and do the work, to pay attention to who you really are and what you are doing, to where you are going.

So when the flower of the Gift is offered, Be Kind, Accept.