This week was truly harmonious.  I had a great time with my family for the Christmas holidays.  It was like a whole new era had begun.  We all had Harmony in mind for this gathering and even had plans to focus on time spent together instead of trashing the place for 3 hours with gift wrapping paper.  It was direct and rewarding.

There was only one hiccup from one old blueprint still running the show.  I pray that person has the chance to see the light and change before they get off the bus of this little old nursery of a planet.

I was even able to experience the Beautiful Becca say some things that she may not have said 3 months ago.  She embraced the future blueprinting and made some statements that are in direct accordance with the creation of mind which is the gift that we are given.  I have always said to her, “Create your Reality.”

Now I have some very simple tools to make that job a solid BAMM!!! done job !

I AM in Harmony with the Creator.  OF the Creator.  Creating Myself.

The Sleeper has Awakened

I have folded time to meet my future self and BE, IN Harmony, with Me.

I AM…OF Creation therefore I AM Creation.

I AM… Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Harmonious and Happy.