I am eternally grateful for mentors, friends, MKE Guides and leaders in my life.  It is interesting that the student most often knows the answer but still wants to ask the question.    Is that doubt, confirmation, being unsure, needing someone else to kick their ass?  How about denial?  How about plain old FEAR.  Fear of facing the music yourself.

Take ownership.  Admit and Move ON!  Take charge.  Lift the shield and weapon of LOVE as they are INVINCIBLE!

“Where the desert ends green grass begins.”


My guide said it just as naturally in a sentence addressing the path to accomplishment over a challenge like it was comfortably already a part of the thought.  Which it is.

That one word blew out of the statement like a BOMBSHELL!  I was reminded to trust my own personal pivotal needs as being TRUE.  I was reminded to trust the Universe to manifest the creation from infinite supply.  Reminded to SIT with TRUTH and JUSTICE desiring what is good for me and which does not take anyone else’s good then and ALL things are exactly in line which WILL manifest exactly.

Truth. Trust.   Nice how they are spelled with the same letters at the beginning.

So continue forward doing exactly what you are doing.

But for goodness sake, continue on  !!!

Persevere.  Persist.

Og Mandino reminds us that it is not known to me when or where but that it may just be right around the corner.  I will never know unless I keep stepping forward.

I Persist. I Win.