Rock On!! yup. Now that is a step on the Cosmic Bus James. That’s why some call it “Free Thinkers”. God allows us to learn on our own, to screw it up if we choose to. Ask me about the story of the Play Director one day.

My Hero's Journey

This week during my first sit, as I was doing as instructed and contemplating my oneness with the Creator, a thought popped into my head. “There is no point where the Divine ends and I begin.” Which led me to another sit to try to contemplate what this meant, and how I possibly brought it to my own attention.

What first occurred to me is if that statement is indeed true then the inverse must be true. “There is no point where I end and the Divine begins.” If this is then true than our reach to others consciousness that we interact with goes far beyond the vibratory frequencies of our thoughts. The Creator is Omnipresent in everything, and we are part of the whole, but if there is no point where we end then our consciousness extends with the Creator in minuscule portion to each and every other consciousness…

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