I had posted this first few paragraphs write up in a private Master Mind Alliance blog and wanted to preserve it and expand it.

I had a breakthrough yesterday morning. I had struggled with a resentment against a person and I had finally come to Love that person as I would a sick person. But I still had a deep disdain for what the person was doing and how it affected me.

I was having a discussion with the Beautiful Becca!! about how when saying ‘but’ in a sentence places a condition upon the first part of the statement. We were speaking about un-conditional Love.

Then it dawned on me. “I Love the darkness for it shows me the stars.” Suddenly I could say that I loved the situation because it showed me what I did not want in my life. I no longer have to hate it, I can know that it is just being shown to me in order to not have such a thing allowed in my own creation.

I shared the sentence of the darkness and stars with several people who have no idea where that was coming from.  The statement alone made their eyes gaze thoughtfully.  Nearly each of them said yes, they understood that.

One went on to say that they could appreciate the night for now because they knew the sun was rising and they would soon appreciate the daylight.

That one floored me.  I was like YES !  EXACTLY    !!

I did receive so many compliments on the post that it helped others I was consumed with gratitude.  I posted it as a catharsis to share and reveal what I had struggled with, I suppose of course I knew that others may relate.  But it was good to get it off my chest.  And it was so huge for me when it happened.

I felt free of yet another corner of the OLD Blueprint.  I am beginning to see the tearing away of the pages that I can no longer live with.

My Loving wife the Beautiful Becca !!  …is being so patient with me since she can only see in from one window all the activity going on with the inside job.  She trusts me with my choices and has seen benefit from choices that I have made, not always immediately, but eventually.  We share an uncommon bond that I am grateful for.

She Believes In Me.


The OLD Blueprint is being torn away and the NEW Blueprint is quickly spreading over the construct.

Philippians 2:15 ~ “…so that you may become blameless and pure, “children of God without fault in a warped and crooked generation.” Then you will shine among them like stars in the sky.”


During my SIT last night I could actually feel a tingling in My frontal lobe.  Not really a multiple tingling more like an electric charge, a presence.

I remember days gone by when I was really in a regularity of meditating that I would describe “how I could ‘see’ the inside of myself”.

This was so very strongly located though.  I had not felt it that large and precise ever before.  I could actually discern the left and right sides of the specifically frontal part of my brain and the thread of connection back inwards towards the base of my skull.

I slept so soundly last night.

My wife reached out as we barely awoke to our alarms this morning before speaking anything at all and held my hand.   Eyes still closed, I smiled.