I treasure most all books and my library.  I don’t think I have ever written in a book, it used to make me cringe.  It was even hard to begin putting Library stamps into them.  And I am sad when I see a book damaged or destroyed.  I have never known why.   I started collecting books when I was very young and have always felt a reverence for a tome.

A fascinating work of labor that was originally hand made from the paper to the stitching and so much work in the hand-writing of it.  A book contains so much energy and power in its very existence.

I have learned to get “working” copies of books.  Copies to carry and throw around in the car, etc.    Now I am actually crossing out words !!!   In 1968 Og Mandino wrote this work of tremendous power.  So much so that organizations of every manner use it today as a study and manual and model to live by, churches, companies, coaches, it goes on.

I am in the village listening to Mark J and the Fabulous Davene on the Master Key Master Mind Alliance.  A part of it is to follow Og’s path through the Scrolls just as he designed it to be practiced.  Along with a nuance that Mark introduced which takes it to a WHOLE NOTHA LEVEL!!   FUGHETABOUDIT !!

With two working copies of Og’s book I knew they were in for some wear since I read them 3 times a day and one travels with me everywhere I go.  I first covered it with clear shelf paper made for covering books and stuff.  I drilled holes along the spine and threaded it with waxed leather sewing thread.  It should last a lifetime now.


I also did this with my ONLY copy of The Master Key System.  Which I am highlighting and writing in WHOO HOO !!

I am so grateful to have been given this gift of the MKMMA.  2 Months in and I am electrified!  So quickly connecting so many things I have studied and prepared for most of My Life, now being able to PUT IT ALL TOGETHER.   And it is only a third the way through.

I am sure to be AMAZED before I am HALF Way through.

This month is the practice of greeting each day with Love.  Greeting each person with Love in my Heart.  Love for all Humankind.   Love will make My success in All of Life.


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