I am having trouble with fitting it all in.  This is true.  I am faced with all the regular struggles of today’s world, being underemployed adding in a second effort to build more income, still wanting family time, spiritual time, personal time, it seems daunting.

It seems outrageous to make the effort to move my mind into having no opinion, to thinking I Love You in my mind when looking at everyone I interact with each day. My earthly mind thinks, “They don’t even deserve to be loved, look at what they have done!”  To then advance to even removing all negative thought from my mind entirely for 7 days in a row!   No wonder those guys go sit in mountain cave!!

But the cement is coming off of the Buddha.  The construct of it is actually gold!  The tools of the Master Key Master Mind Alliance work.  They work because I take small steps in the process towards the goals.

I first do the jumping jacks for 20 counts, next day I add in the push-ups and increase the jumps to 25 and so on.   Each step in the dance is practiced until it is firm, then I add another move, and another, next thing you know I am dancing!

I set my Mind to “DO IT NOW”

I know that “I can Be what I Will to Be”

I read the writings on choice and direction several times each day.

I SIT for 15 minutes each day and Be with my Mind directing it the way I desire it to Be.

I accomplish small steps and I celebrate the victories!!

I am tearing apart the old blueprint of my programmed sub-conscious.  Getting rid of the implanted and inherited and induced non-sense pilled on it from years of thinking what others placed on me and in me to think.  All the waste flowing from the media and establishment and people who just propagated what they didn’t even know was garbage!

Today I am a new man!  I begin to THINK for MYSELF!

This is SIMPLE, but no one said it was EASY.

Haanel writes:

7-4. This is another psychological fact which is well known, but unfortunately, reading about it will not bring about any result which you may have in mind; it will not even help you to form the mental image, much less bring it into manifestation. Work is necessary – labor, hard mental labor, the kind of effort which so few are willing to put forth.

Many are called, but few answer.

I Will to have the mental toughness to carry on.

Why?  Because I feel better.  Because I feel change in my Mind.  My Heart is opening to Be what I Am, truly meant to Be.   Things are happening that I cannot explain, things that I that I have desired are coming true, sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly.

With no explanation as I become filled with LOVE and keep a RIGHT MIND events are occurring and people appearing, EFFORTLESSLY into my life that are creating the moves towards the desired results.

And it is only just beginning.

I hammer away hard and sweating at the cement covering the stature , beating it with ALL my might , with a BURNING DESIRE that nothing will stop me from my GOAL!!

I chip it away revealing a shining Golden statue underneath. All of the beauty and glory that I felt, that I knew was there!

I just couldn’t see it, long forgotten with years of hardened waste layering over it.


With even a glimpse of the GOLD I go to work with screaming excitement at the treasure I have found!!!

I am filled with Joy that it is Truly there.



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