So going back to the thoughts about how we learned things as children that I spoke of before.  Where we have flash cards with the words usually associated with some kind of image which we speak the words out loud while looking at the image and we repeat it over and over again.

The subconscious is the program running kernel of our physical machine that we are driving around you know.  It is subject to input from everything we see, hear, do taste, smell, everything and most importantly speak aloud.  When we eat something and we have the emotion of pleasure and say “mmmm I like that” and then it happens again, maybe then again…..

BAM!!     Now the subconscious will run that program the next time we see, smell, taste, hear of or speak of that substance.  Then possibly if we take it in often the subby might create a craving for it, next thing you know we’re doing it too often.  Worst case even a dependency and then it becomes an obsession and all downhill from there.

I sure do like ice cream……

But at the very least most of these running programs are known as HABITS.

How do we change a habit?

Many find them difficult to challenge.  Procrastination can be a habit.  A mode of being or “trait” that just seems to be running in the background that causes us to pause, wait, put off, over-analyze, over-think, justify with whatever kind of crap that is a part of that program …and we don’t seem to take action on things.

Who knows what morning that you decide again to hit the snooze button and NOT get up on time that you will miss a simple event that will push your dreams off another 6 months, a year or FOREVER!!

I have been given a whole bag of beautiful gifts.  One of them is a tool applied with a certain method that has me doing things with new energy and immediacy that I have not had in a long time. I am grateful for these gifts.

So start telling your subconscious what you want it to do!   Look yourself in the mirror and say “Do It Now” out loud, over and over.  And be happy when you say it!   Get enthused about the prospect of doing it right now!



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