So it keeps happening!!  I had emailed my guide about how I keep using words in my writings before they come up on the next webinar.  But other things are happening too.

I was talking with my wife way back even before the webinars started and was talking about how we need to take a position on “getting it done now” when chores and stuff come up.  BAM!! …repeat “Do It Now” in the webinar that week.

I started working on my DMP.  I have had some specific dreams and goals for many years.  In week 5 I had to make a press release and had never read Marks.  What a cool alignment there.

I had been listening to an album that I really like, my favorite track is about Liberty.  BAM!!…that’s one of my PPN’s.

On that album there is a cover for Every Rose has A Thorn.   BAM!!…this week we are reading Emerson’s Essay on Compensation, equal and opposite, high and low, etc.

Stuff is happening in my world before the next study is taken.  I am really blowing my mind…or it’s doing it for me, how about that!

It is really like the future is happening before it’s supposed to be created.

That make sense?    It is really some quantum physics type stuff.   Dancing Wu Li Masters doing some Motorcycle Maintenance and all that jazz, you know.

We can get really existential some time if you like…hit me up, we can chat.



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