Whewww!   Tough stuff!  Or is that an opinion?

I was speaking with a friend about how my mental toughness exercise this week is “to have no opinion” and he said “good luck with that.”   We laughed of course.  He went on to say that years ago he had found himself being very negative and wanted to change what he felt was a bad habit or behavior.  He decided to stop himself from both speaking and thinking negative thoughts and opinions in his everyday actions.

He was able to catch himself most of the time from speaking it.  But by the end of the week he said his thoughts were flooded with negative things that he wanted to say to people.  Now this is a very kind man that I know today.  He is very giving and trustworthy and all those things that make up a good person.

He said it was like holding back a dam of water that threatened to break through with crashing force!  Luckily there was no tragic ending to his story.   In the end he accepted balance in his own mind.

I am practicing this week to have NO opinion.  I mean NO-thing that is My formulated Thought that is NOT Fact.

What do you think of the weather today?…no opinion.

Isn’t that a cool car over there?…no opinion.

Do you like chocolate or strawberry?….I like strawberry…that is a Fact.

Should we use the large conference room today?….be careful…..hmmm.

Do you see where is this meant to guide you?   It is a practice that will remove all the generated crap in my mind that is purely my Ego wanting to feel better about stuff and having some kind of control over it by placing my OPINION on top of it.

Let It GO.

I will let you know how it goes later this week….. 😉


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