It happened !

I did not realize until I began to take notice how very rare it is these days for people to give each other a kind smile or exchange of thanks.

And have you noticed that people don’t say “you’re welcome” anymore.  They say, “sure thing”, “you bet”, “yup”, and my absolute favorite……“no problem”.  I wasn’t complaining, I was thanking you.  I am grateful that is not a problem for you.  But that is another story.

As a part of the MKMMA Journey I embarked this week on “bringing a gift” to everyone I interact with.  A smile, a thank you, a helping hand.

This week we celebrated customer service week late so they were serving breakfast in the office.  A co-worker had become a little nauseated so I handed her some napkins and asked her if she needed some water.  She was ok and went off out of the room.  Today, we were both crisscrossing the sidewalk, we exchanged hellos.  Then she stopped and turned around with bigger smile on her face.  She said, “Thank you for being so kind the other day.”  I said “You are welcome.”  And we walked on our separate ways.

Simple.  Took all of 7 seconds.  She was beaming the truth from herself.  It absolutely made my moment!!  I felt joyous inside!  For me it was the right thing to do then.  I thought no more of it.  But she remembered it, enough to share Gratitude with me 2 days later.

“Small Gifts” I have heard it called.  Just Be a decent person for a while.  Get out of your head and out of your own way.   Maybe even make it a good habit to do this?

“I Give Thanks….to the Above.”

Say it out loud.   Tell me how it feels.