I went to this FB web portal to “create” your own motivational message since my cousin had posted one as well.  It popped out this little baby up there in the image.   I thought “wow that’s kind of harsh”.  But I also know that it’s not good to have “some-timey” acquaintances.    I wrote earlier in this blog about how a purge had occurred and that better people started arriving in my life.   In my recent writing I touted some of those folks.   But there are a whole host of better people in my life that also deserve a shout out!

Of course my beautiful wife walked right into the storm with me and never wavered.   She is a lighthouse from the shore if you will, beaming the way to safe harbor.   I want to give thanks for my parents too who stuck by me all those years when they had no idea where I might be on the ocean.  Sure family is wrought with back and forth, tug of war, but they have always held strong.

There are also those folks who arrived as co-pilots in my life for navigating better ports of business and professional acumen.   I want to thank Kimberly and Zack, Jody, Jim, and especially Hubert.

I am grateful to so many others who are partners and car-poolers and walkers on the path alongside of me heading towards Infinite Wisdom.

So dance with me in the rain.  Hold on with me in the storms.

We shall then be together in the Sunlight of the Spirit.