Fear is the Mind Killer, the little death that robs us of our Will.   The mantra from Frank Herbert’s tale of Dune, for many years I have held in very high regard.  Now the Sleeper Is Truly Awakened.

I have learned the Will is a tool of my Conscious Mind.  So the emphasis is exactly correct in the mantra that there is one most dangerous thing which kills the power of the Mind.  That is Fear.

I tell you one thing though, Patience is certainly a virtue which without its practice will kill my mind in a minute.  Note, the small mind.   That is another story.

I am performing several exercises now that are bolstering my abilities in both the mental and physical realm.  I am practicing once again the outside job with inside results.  Sitting still for 15 minutes without moving each day.  When I can control my body for that long, then I have a chance at controlling my Mind.   Remember that I am the only thing in the world that I have true control of.

Now most importantly as a result of the actions taken in my mind I am able to see results in the outside world.  Now comes the inside job with outside results.  I came to the learning of that the outside world is an actual result of my inside world.  This is super empowering.  Not to be taken lightly.

We have this gift and it is precious to go ahead and accept it.  Virtuous Principles as the cover sheet of the engine are vitally important to me.  One can go on for days about the yin and yang necessity in the balance of the universe if you will.  I choose to stand in the positive light.

I have already begun to see synchronicity, if you will, in the occurrences of being in tune with the Universal gear-works.   In the first week it came to my mind that to take charge of even simple things I had to Do It Now.  I was speaking about it in regard to some maintenance chores in the kitchen with my lovely wife Becca just the day before it was presented in the weekly session as a mantra for altering habits.

On the Friday before the week 3 session it clarified in my mind that I was to craft my Definite Major Purpose on paper with “I” statements.  Now that was with the help of my wonderful Navigators Keith & Dana McCauley.  Lo and behold later the session included examples for teaching with one of the explanations being just that.

I have a few select mentors that have arrived in my life.  I consider my beautiful wife Becca to have been the most instrumental in throwing the brakes on the nightmare train for us.  We Are Stronger Together.

The MVP in my life is my great friend Buz Johnson.  He means the world to me because He reached out when he saw a drowning soul that wanted to live.

Today, I am so thrilled to be a part of the Master Key Master Mind Alliance with Mark Janezuski and his wife The Fabulous Davene along with my guides Keith & Dana McCauley as well as the Alliance of all the brothers and sisters along this journey.

Thank You Everyone.

Feeling My heart again, Breathing new Oxygen.  It’s a Liberty Walk.