Does anyone remember the practice of reading out loud when we were in grade school learning new things?   There is much to be said for the power in that.   I had this realization this morning.

Let me describe a few things.  Holding a paper with my hands that has words on it.  Reading with my eyes those words. Breathing to speak those words with my mouth and then doing so.   Choosing first in my mind to speak those words with enthusiasm therefore creating emotion in my chemical brain while expressing those thoughts into sound waves of certain frequencies.  Hearing those sound waves back into my own ears which is then creating additional memory synapses in my brain.  Having the physical reaction of enthusiasm which may be described as excitement.  All of these actions are creating the nerve synapses of memories and working to create new habits.

Did I lose you?

The simple act of reading out loud with enthusiasm is gearing up a powerful factory of both the physical and mental human being.  This action is the conscious mind of the objective speaking to the sub-conscious mind of the subjective.  The subby mind is the one that is in control of habits, like your heart beating for example.

You want to do and generate new things?  Let the conscious mind gate watchman set the factory of the subconscious mind into automatic motion.

I am beginning to feel the machinery of my mind shake the years of built up cement off of the gears!  I am getting my mind factory onward to manifesting my proper purpose in life.