Several years ago I asked my higher power to put better people in my life.  And so it began.

Within just a few months I met the most loving beautiful person I have ever known, my Life Mate, my lovely wife, The Beautiful Becca.  I Love You SugarBear !!

What I did not realize is that many people were about to be lost.  Within 2 years nearly my entire circle of friends changed.  I lost my primary source of income.  I had also put a substantial investment into new business which then vanished in 4 months.

What was going on?  I just married the woman of my dreams who aligns with me so perfectly.  How could everything outside be crashing down?  But at the same time other seeds were being sown.   People with whom I had not heard from in years appeared.  They made new introductions to other people whom I had only previously known of.

I was cast into the river and the rapids were beginning to build.    I was being swept along and had no power to get to the shore.   I was rushing along grasping at every limb and vine, dashed against the tree stumps and rocks below.  Yes, people running along the shore are throwing lines and calling out, but I could barely make out everything they were saying over the roar of the river in my head.

There is only a fear of drowning, a tremendous fear that brings physical pain and blinding disability of the mind and body.  Suddenly I had an epiphany.  I could no longer fight the river.  If I was to survive I had to become one with it.  I had to go with the flow.

A purge was occurring.  One I had no vision of at the time.   The fever of a body ridding itself of sickness.  A preparation for greater things to come.

The new people in my life are really good people.  Who care about me and support me and my wife during this storm surge.  I slowly began to see the good people and the good orderly direction they are offering.

It is still up to me.  Up to me to create good choices.  To do that I have to Be A Better Person.  How do you do that you might say?  Honesty.  Open-Mindedness.  Willingness.  Self-Action.  Acceptance.  The journey to what many call the Mysterious Source.  It is really very simple though even if it sounds esoteric.  I have to let go of the wreckage and go with the flow.   Hear the message.  I gotta swim though, gotta swim tough, stay strong.

I am grateful today that I am pointed in the direction of the Right shore.   The terrain is beginning to open up and the sky is clearing.  With a Right Mind and Heart this journey is energetic and effortless.  I am grateful to all of you whom know exactly who you are this very day, that have been here with me and become a part of this new alliance.

I Give Thanks to You All.



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