Week 1 = Feeling is part of the Magic

The most powerful action and reminder is to “forget” the “education” and “knowledge” that I came to the mountain with. If I want to adopt a system that has proven successful over and over again….I CANNOT attempt to be creative and alter it. I must duplicate that systems’ path EXACTLY in order to ensure my own success. This is not easy….but It IS Simple. “Keep It Simple, Silly”.

I want to thank Mark J for making this possible.  I feel like I am making it towards the store doorway, I am alongside the showcase window looking in at all the wonderful toys and my excitement is building!!

The thing to remember is that I must stay in a proper order.  It takes practice to change.  Creating new habits and getting rid of older ones is just that, doing something different over and over until it becomes a part of my being.  The joy is knowing that I am focused on Good habits that will allow prosperity to become a natural way of being for me and my family.

I have also come to remember that all the academic study in the world is not a practice.  Only DOING is a practice.  Having accountability partners is the glue that makes the doing stick to have to say, “Yes I am doing this.” or “No I need to be more diligent.” with Truth and Justice then solves my own determination.  With the doing happening on a regular practice schedule the habit will settle into place.

I feel like a new man already.  Like Mark and the MKMMA crew reminds us, Feeling is part of the Magic.  #



Marks =  http://masterkeyexperience.com/week-1-masterkeyexperience-true/


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  1. I like the “keep it in order” and the importance of practice comment. Great stuff.


    1. thank you Bob, keep coming back!


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